Email Marketing

"Eye-catching email campaigns that deliver results"

Why should I pay for an email template and software to deliver my marketing emails, I hear you say? Surely I can just use Microsoft Word and send it with Outlook like I do with all my emails?

Our answer to those questions above would be that using Microsoft Outlook may work for you on some occasions where a simple message and a few images are required but it's definitely not something we'd recommend.

Due to the inconsistencies of different email software to render emails correctly (as well as different versions of Microsoft Outlook) what may appear to look good in one email package, may look terrible in another.

We can produce and provide for you...

  • A professionally designed and branded email template
  • Easy to use online email editor
  • Statistics and delivery reports of sent emails and click-throughs

Using our online email application means you can be sure the email displays in the recipients inbox as intended.

Not only that, but one of the most mis-understood advantages of using a properly configured email delivery system, is that all email campaigns come with their own reporting system, which can measure how successful the marketing email was, by knowing exactly who opened the email and which links they clicked enabling you to see who was interested in your product or service.

It’s a powerful tool for the Marketing and Sales personnel working in your business, giving them comprehensive leads they can follow up and not just trying to second-guess who may be interested in your products and services.

With technology and digital marketing techniques changing so quickly, html email can sometimes be perceived as 'old hat' but used correctly, it can still be one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing your business can utilise.

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